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Booker Way

Booker Promise is the umbrella through which all college and career readiness programming is delivered to Booker High School students. Within that umbrella is a comprehensive strategic plan, known as the Booker Way, consisting of an array of academic and essential life activities and events designed to help students develop the skills and attitudes necessary to chart a course for their future economic and personal empowerment. In other words, students at Booker High School are immersed in a culture and environment enveloping the entire school where everyone is committed to preparing students for careers by choice – not by chance.

Central to the program is Booker High School’s College and Career Center (“CCC”) (link to college & career page – outside page, link to be provided) housed in the heart of the school and staffed by advisors with decades of experience. The CCC provides: (1) career and life planning guidance; (2) academic and behavioral monitoring; (3) comprehensive mentoring services; (4) individualized guidance; (5) matching of students to scholarships based on individual profiles; and (6) college success counseling.

Examples of activities included in the Booker Way curriculum are:

  • Post-secondary/life plan development and ongoing refinement during high school years;
  • Creation of college, career and life milestones (link to PDF) with accompanying accountability;
  • Boot camps” addressing topics such as college applications and admissions, financial planning, essay writing, applications and college & career planning;
  • Essential life skills training supporting student personal development through a focus on improving time management, organizational skills enhancement, goal setting, communication skills, networking, teamwork, leadership, interviewing techniques, proper dress, etiquette and professional requirements to succeed in the “real world;”
  • Monthly grade level assemblies emphasizing topics such as graduation & testing requirements, social and emotional learning, inspirational and motivational speakers, school safety, mental health and school resources;
  • A unique three-tier mentoring approach, involving teacher, peer and adult mentors, to meet the individual and diverse needs of Booker students. Mentors visit students regularly to check grades, monitor progress and help plan for their future;
  • Partnerships with community organizations and businesses across the county to offer internships, job shadowing and on-the-job training providing unique work experience relevant to many fields of study;
  • Specialized classes, taught by a full-time ACT/SAT tutor, designed to prepare students for college admission tests;
  • Comprehensive training in how to successfully pursue all types of student aid and scholarships available based on individual profiles unique to each student;
  • College and career fairs providing students with thorough and positive college and career school site research experiences and the opportunity for face to face networking opportunities;
  • College and career exploration field trips which enrich and enhance the development of post-secondary portfolios by participating in visits to colleges, local businesses and college & career immersion programs; 
  • Strategic partnerships with local colleges and universities such as the University of South Florida, State College of Florida, New College, Ringling College and Suncoast Technical Institute, create the opportunity for students to attend institutions free of charge to earn college credits or technical/career certifications while enrolled in high school; and
  • Every Booker Way student in need receives a free laptopto enhance their studies.

While all of these programs, activities and strategies help students prepare for their life after Booker High School, it is the Booker Promise Scholarship that will be the agent to fund their futures.

CLICK HERE for more information on the “Booker Way.”

“Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, when fulfilled, can be translated into benefits for everyone and greater strength for our nation.”

~ John F. Kennedy