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Booker Promise

Booker Promise is a commitment to prepare Booker High School students for the 21st century workforce without the burden of unmanageable college debt. A true tenet of the Program is to make a college education as universal, free and accessible as public high school. 

More specifically, Booker Promise is a comprehensive college and career-readiness program designed to ensure that every Booker High School student has the skills and resources necessary to develop to their fullest potential.  Additionally, the Program guarantees scholarships to pay tuition and registration fees for a technical certificate or associate degree at a Florida public college or technical school for every eligible economically disadvantaged student who is at-risk of failing to graduate from high school.

The goal of Booker Promise is for every Booker High School student to graduate college or technical school and become career ready with the skills and resources necessary to develop to their fullest potential. The Program aims to bridge the opportunity gap by removing the tuition barrier that prevents high school graduates from pursing a post-secondary education – whether it be by attending college or technical school – thereby boosting the population of workforce-ready young adults. The Program will also be the beginning of the end of generational poverty for an entire population of youth while creating a broad public understanding that college and technical training is an investment in the community’s future and a necessary continuation of K-12 education in the 21st century.

Booker Promise will make the following commitments to the students of Booker High School:

  1. Booker Promise will provide scholarships to eligible students covering the cost of tuition and registration fees for an associate degree or technical certificate at a qualifying public Florida college or technical school.
  2. Booker Promise will partner with Booker High School to provide every student with the skills and support necessary to connect their strengths and interests with a personalized life plan for success.
  3. Booker Promise will partner with Booker High School to provide comprehensive mentoring services, career and life planning guidance, academic and behavioral monitoring, college success counseling and individualized guidance. Many Booker Promise graduates will also receive post-secondary college support and coaching through strategic partnerships with local colleges and universities.
  4. Booker Promise will partner with Booker High School to promote skill development which positively impacts academic achievement, motivating students to rise to the academic challenge, complete their high school education and successfully pursue post-secondary education and careers.

Click here for more detailed information about Booker Promise. 

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

~ Nelson Mandela