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Become a Mentor

A mentor is a caring, compassionate adult who chooses to devote their time to a young person, offering them support, guidance and encouragement. One of the key and proven success factors of Booker Promise is the role of the mentor. They understand that the commitment of becoming a mentor can change a child’s life while helping them grow personally.  Can you remember adults who paid attention to you; who believed in you; and who guided you during your childhood? These individuals served as mentors. Wouldn’t you like to have someone think of you as their life-changing, trusted mentor?

If you can devote approximately 45 minutes twice a month during the school year, you can change a life by helping a child build a solid foundation of values, establish goals, improve their academic and life skills, while developing their self-esteem and confidence.

Mentoring sessions are approximately 45 minutes long and occur twice a month on-site at Booker High School or via a secure video/text App where students and mentors can meet virtually. The days and times of mentoring sessions are arranged between the mentor and mentee depending on their individual schedules and classes. As a result, mentoring is convenient for both students and mentors.

The first step to becoming a mentor is to contact Booker Promise using the online form below. After your request is received, you will be contacted and asked to complete an application, participate in mentor online training (approximately 45 minutes) sponsored by our partners, Take Stock in Children of Sarasota, followed by a background check the cost of which is paid for by the Booker Promise Foundation.  All of this can be completed virtually and the processing time, from receipt of an application, is approximately one to three weeks.

To receive additional information or begin the process of becoming a mentor, please contact the Booker Promise Foundation at 941-538-1438 or complete the form below.

Become a Mentor

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

~Nelson Mandela