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“If you change one child, you change the family, you change the community and eventually, you change society.”

~Dr. Rachel Shelley, Principal Booker High School

Booker Music Program

Booker Promise Mission & Vision

Booker Promise Foundation provides students with the essential skills and resources needed to earn a college degree or technical certification.

Every Booker High School student possesses the skills and resources to participate in the post-secondary education of their choice and be free from the threat of generational poverty.

About Booker Promise

Booker Promise at a Glance

The Booker Promise Foundation seeks to provide the financial resources, support and tools for every Booker High School student to rise above their economic circumstances and reach their fullest academic and personal potential. In furtherance of that goal, Booker Promise will partner with Booker High School to:

  • Ensure that 100% of Booker High School’s students will graduate college or career ready

  • Provide every student with the skills and support necessary to connect their strengths and interests with a personalized life plan for success.

  • Provide comprehensive mentoring services, career and life planning guidance, academic and behavioral monitoring, college and career success counseling and individualized interventions;

  • Provide an on-going commitment to every student to promote skill development which positively impacts academic achievement, motivating students to rise to the academic challenge, complete their secondary education and to successfully pursue post-secondary education and careers.